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Whether by circumstances
affecting a loved one or affecting yourself, you do not need to feel like there is no way out.

Because there is.

Casa Juan Pablo can help.

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Father Javier Aquino

A life of love, care and compassion
committed to the service of those in need.

Father Javier Aquino Florenciani is the Founder and Executive President of Casa Juan Pablo II. With a Masters' degree in Theology and Human Behavior with a minor concentration in Social Work, he is committed to providing opportunities to people at risk of or already immersed in precarious activities...

Our daily mission...

Casa Juan Pablo II offers counseling and support services to people in risk of or already immersed in personal crisis situations. Through programs such as Extiende Tu Mano, Turismo, Patrimonio y Servicio and Acordes, the foundation provides a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in the lives of children and adults who would otherwise be lost to alcohol and drug abuse, depression, violence and other serious behaviors.

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Shocking facts...


child abuse
and neglect cases were reported in Puerto Rico in 2015.


of the abuse cases were children
under 9 years old.


Make a difference...

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You Can Save a Life

By supporting Casa Juan Pablo II, you are rescuing a person in need from uncertainty and despair.

Transforming the life of an abused child or a depressed youth to overcome hardships, regain mental health and become a productive member of a community requires considerable professional resources and funding. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Casa Juan Pablo can fulfill its purpose.

Join the movement...

Want to be part of Casa Juan Pablo II by working as a volunteer, advocating one of our programs or donating materials (musical instruments, books, etc.) ? Let us know. We will be happy to have you in our team.

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Phone Number: 787-659-7112    /     Email: casajuanpablosegundo@gmail.com

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