Our philosophy...


Every Life Is Worth Saving

Misfortune seems to strike harder those with greater difficulty to find help. We're here for them.

Casa Juan Pablo II exists to help those who are most vulnerable to discrimination, mistreatment, abandonment and self-devaluation, among other personal and / or social difficulties, due to their socio-economic disadvantages.

To them, our organization provides an alternative to overcome traumatic experiences, heal emotional wounds and attain wholeness from a value-driven life through services provided by social counseling and psychology professionals.

Our story...

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A Life's Journey Turned Into a Life of Service

From social worker, to priest, to founder of a social wellness organization, Father Javier Aquino has always had one purpose.

When Javier Aquino Florenciani began working with young offenders as a social worker, his life changed, gaining a profound understanding of the journey that leads young people into an abyss which ends in alcoholism, drug use, crime and even suicide.

Upon becoming a priest, Father Aquino came in contact with many children and youngsters living similar stories to those of the young inmates he had once worked with. Recognizing their imminent risk, Aquino began a social and spiritual crusade to provide counsel and guide these lives away from potential danger.

Following his calling, Father Aquino founded Casa Juan Pablo II, a non-profit organization, where people would have the opportunity to address the emotional, psychological, social or spiritual issues affecting their lives and driving them to a potentially self-destructing conduct and find purpose and meaning through the organization's programs. Since then, Casa Juan Pablo II has hired dozens of professionals and volunteers including social workers, psychologists, counselors and music teachers, and has opened its doors to over 200 people.