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The Cornerstone of Our Services

Casa Juan Pablo II's success in rescuing lives from potential risk resides in its programs.

Carefully balanced between prevention and rehabilitation, Casa Juan Pablo II's services combine professional counseling and therapy with programmatic activities aimed at giving a sense of purpose and direction in the lives of those who have lost their path.

To these ends, Casa Juan Pablo II has developed three main programs: Extiende Tu Mano (Reach Out With Your Hand), Acordes (Chords) and Turismo, Patrimonio y Servicio (Tourism, Heritage & Service).


Reach Out

(Extiende tu Mano)

When You Need a Hand

Casa Juan Pablo II is always be ready to provide help and counseling to those in need.

Casa Juan Pablo II's Reach Out program provides a way to avoid or overcome emotional, psychological and / or spiritual hardships for children and youngsters, the age groups which are at greater risk of falling into self-destructive behavior, regardless of age, race or income.

Reach Out provides educational, counseling and therapeutic activities to those affected by or at risk of abandoning school or falling into alcohol and drug abuse, violence, crime or similar problems. The program's prevention and rehabilitation services are offered through individual, group or family counseling sessions.


In addition, the organization’s professional counselors and therapists offer behavioral, trans-personal and family therapies as well as psychotherapy to to the program's participants.


Reach Out also applies educational strategies such as capacity building workshops and conferences to help individuals prevent emotional, psychological and / or spiritual adversities. The program has been effective in improving the academic achievement, inhibiting substance abuse and preventing school dropouts in its participants.

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Tuned Into Hope

Through music education, Casa Juan Pablo II helps young individuals to regain their self-value, find a sense of purpose and look at a brighter future.

Music therapy is used in the treatment of a range of challenges including emotional and behavioral disorders, delinquency, conduct disorder, trauma, abuse, sadness and loss, and substance use. It has also been used in services for at-risk youth and in programs that promote pro-social behavior and social skill development. 


Acordes is a music, art and heritage educational program that serves as a prevention, rehabilitation and leadership developing mechanism, especially for children and youngsters.


The program’s primary goal is to provide music therapy through individual and group sessions and other educational, cultural and recreational activities. Through these, Acordes aims to promote, maintain, and restore emotional, psychological and spiritual health to its participants so they can achieve identity development and social integration/reinsertion. The program partners with other institutions and in-house programs to facilitate and upturn its impact.

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Heritage & Service

(Turismo, Patrimonio y Servicio)

Giving purpose through service and leadership

Casa Juan Pablo II turns otherwise at risk youngsters into productive community members and leaders.

This program exposes youths to positive role models to inspire and encourage them to assume attitudes of leadership. This, in turn, gives a new focus to young individuals at risk of emotional or social despair, giving them purpose, responsibilities and motivation.


TPS (for its Spanish name)  teaches lifelong skills around the fundamental elements of communications, leadership, teamwork and self-discipline. In addition, the program promotes the  development of prosocial connectedness, confidence, character and caring. For its participants, TPS is a way of learning and practicing skills while earning an income, allowing youths to find a path to personal growth while providing a service to visitors to the Rosario, San Germán, community.

Through TPS, visitors to El Rosario in San Germán can experience autochthonous activities which represent the community's  historical and cultural heritage in an engaging manner.

Casa Juan Pablo II has the privilege of participating in the Exceptional Community Leaders Program of the Bravo Family Foundation.

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