To those in need of hope...


Casa Juan Pablo II Gives

Bringing hope, meaning and purpose to the lives of those who have fallen to despair, that is our mission.

Casa Juan Pablo II's mission is to give hope to those who have fallen victim to depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, submission to abuse, violence and other risk behaviors triggered by emotional and psychological problems caused by personal, family and social issues.

As devastating as dealing with such difficulties can be to an adult, imagine what it must be like for a youth or child who cannot understand why life bears upon them such a burden of pain and suffering, often making them lose the sense of value in their lives. 

Casa Juan Pablo II seeks out those who are in desperate need of relief, answers and hope, and provides spiritual, emotional and psychological services through a team of professional therapists and counselors who work with each and every individual regardless of gender, income, religious beliefs, age or sexual orientation. 

The nonprofit organization offers its services through a series of programs aimed at satisfying the emotional, psychological and / or spiritual needs of those in need of help, especially children and youths.